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NEXT RACE 26/02/2017 to // - VENUE Smeatharpe Stadium , Near Honiton , - CLOSING DATE 24/02/2017 - CLICK TO SIGNUP
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The 2017 Championship will be 9 rounds with 9 to count.

Confirmed 1st race for this season :-

Venue is confirmed as Behind Smeatharpe Stadium, Nr Honiton, East Devon. There is no postcode for this venue. From Honiton follow the signs to Smeatharpe and turn left at the crossroads immediately past the Banger Racing Stadium.
Please remember this year we are running a Transponder system. Day hire is available charges apply.

latest news!
This year our 4x4 group will be split into two separate Race groups, we will be running as follows.
4 x 4 up to 799cc group & 4 x 4 over 800cc group. Please make sure you change your number boards to the correct colour , this will be updated in our club rules shortly or see my post on facebook.
Transponder hire will be available, and signing on will be available the evening before the times will be varied.
In the meantime if you or your company feel you would like to sponsor a round, please contact Katherine Bainbridge who will be pleased to let you know what we can offer you.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all this year, welcoming new riders to the club and giving you the best tracks around.

I.O.P.D. Have asked us to point out to all riders that 'A head camera attachment could compromise a participants safety in the event of a collision.' We therefore strongly advise they are not used.

We are running an open Youth Hybrid class this year. There will be one class for all engine sizes to a max of 250cc and it will run alongside the 250 group. Age restrictions will still apply.

Minimum age for youth riders is now 7 years old


You will be required to display your number on a rear fin type board of the correct colour for your class. You will not pass scrutineering without this.

We will be running our popular Ladies Championship again

Enter Online
Members login with rider number and password then click 'sign up for event' Scroll down to choose the event you are entering for and click again.
That is all there is to it. The screen will show a red prompt to say you are signed up and Members will be sent an e-mail confirming their entry, so please ensure your e-mail address is correct.
Non Members enter online and follow the instructions.

100/125's 7.30am - 8.30am
200/250's 9.30am - 10.30am
Adults 12noon - 1.00pm

Race Times
100/125's Sighting Lap 8.45am. Race Start 9.00am Duration 1.5 hours
200/250's Sighting Lap approx. 11am with race to follow Duration 1.5hours
Adults Sighting Lap approx 1.30pm with race to follow Duration 2.5 hours

Costs 2017
Membership 20 Annual
Licence 15 Annual 5 Day
Race Entry Members Adult 45.( 2 man teams 50) Youth 35
Non members welcome but will be charged an additional 10.
Late Entries welcome at an additional 5.
Hire of Transponder 25.00 (transponder to be returned at the end of the race or charges will apply) 10 will be refundable once returned.
Membership and licences can both be purchased on the day.

The Gravity phone number is: 0770 3466606
Or e mail us a
If you do not receive text reminders from us and would like to, please text the above number and you will be added to our list.