Gravity Quad Enduro Events

Club Rules For Quad Bike and Sidecar Events

Club Rules For Quad Bikes and Sidecar Events 2018 SEASON
The following rules and regulations are applicable to all competitive events run by Gravity L.C.Ltd
By participating or spectating at any of Gravity L.C.Ltd events you are agreeing to abide by all these rules and any supplementary rules set out by the I.O.P.D. All rules are subject to change and riders will be advised at the next opportunity which could be when signing on for the next race meeting.
All Competitors are required to hold a IOPD Licence these are available to buy on the day .
The tracks are available to be walked after 5pm on the day before the race.
Spectators are not allowed on the course once racing is underway the club will set aside safe places for spectators to prevent anyone from entering restricted areas.


Clerk of the course - Colin Barrow, Jesse Kitcher, Gavin Berlyn

Timing / Race Control - Alastair Dean

Scrutineering - Simon Edmed

Club Secretary - Katherine Bainbridge email

Signing on Team - Katherine Bainbridge, Jean Davey, Helen Smith, Nicola Wheatley

All marshals are to report to the signing on desk at arrival please here all marshals are briefed prior to taking up their duties. Even if they do the role regularly you will still need to have a safety briefing.

1. Youth Grouping

Group 1 – Maximum 100cc 2 stroke and 125cc 4 stroke
Aged 8 -12 years
Riders will only be able to start a race after completing a sighting lap.
New riders in the youth group can be accompanied by a Marshall to guide them round the track and assist if required.Riders in this group at the age of 12 years old will move into the 250B group.

All machines to be standard production engine quads. You may add as many aftermarket products as you like; the engine may be re-bored but must not exceed the cc size permitted in your group.
NO HYBRIDS in this group

Group 2 – Maximum 200cc 2 stroke and 250cc 4 stroke
Class 1 A Group 12 - 16 years- Riders can only ride in this group once they have participated in the 250B group for 1 year.
Class 2 B Group 12 - 16 years - Riders moving up from the 125cc group will automatically move into this group only.(11 years old may be able to ride but at the discretion of the committee. This is to be on a standard bike with NO performance modifications.)
All machines to be standard production engine quads. You may add as many aftermarket products as you like; the engine may be re-bored but must not exceed the cc size permitted.

NO STROKER CRANKS OR BIG BORE KITS ARE ALLOWED. We reserve the right to test and/or strip bikes throughout the season and any oversized or other illegal bikes will be classed as cheating and the rider disqualified.

Class 3 Open Hybrid any cc up to 200 2 stroke 250 4 stroke,

2. Age Restrictions

The minimum age for youth riders is 8 YEARS
Up to 125 cc 8-12 years
Up to 250cc 12- 16 years
Adult riders 16 years- no upper age limit

Note: 11 year olds may be permitted to ride a 250cc and 15 year olds a 450 but only if they have been a member of, and ridden with, GLC Ltd for a minimum of 1 season. Their machines must be standard, though handling modifications are allowed. This is at the discretion of the committee.

All riders under the age of 18 must have a signature of their parent / guardian on their signing on sheet for each meeting. A rider disclaimer is a contract in law and must be signed by people over 18yrs. Rider and parents are agreeing to take the risk this club is agreeing to provide suitable track, facilities, competent officials.

3. Adult Groups

Novice, Clubman, Expert, Over 40, 4x4, 2 man quads, Sidecar.
Over 40.
Riders may choose to race in groups according to their ability rather than age if they prefer.
All 15 year old riders will be required to move to the Novice group or if riding a 4x4 they will need to go on 4x4 lites(up to 800cc) for the first year .This will be at the discretion of the committee. A signed note from a clerk of the course to approve a youth rider change of class will be given.
All Youth and Adults riders will need complete a sighting lap before they are able to race.

4. Riders/ Safety Equipment

All riders must wear full motocross kit, consisting of properly constructed race trousers, long sleeve shirts and gloves. Boots must be calf length motocross style. Goggles are to be worn at the start of the race and we recommend wearing them throughout the race. Helmets must be in good condition, of ACU gold label standard with a securely fixed strap.
We strongly advise against the use of a Head Camera attachment which could seriously compromise a participants safety in the event of a collision.
We recommend you wear body armour and a kidney belt
No Hoodies allowed to be worn whilst racing.
All machines must have lanyard/kill switch this is to be used and officials will check whilst in the line up.

5. Number Boards

Number Boards MUST be fitted in Accordance with the rules from IOPD, It is to our benefit that we are able to see these at all times in case of incidents or accidents on the track. It is also a benefit for the clubs time keeper should there be any problems with the transponder timing system.
All riders must display an upright fin type board of the correct colour with their rider number clearly visible from both sides, any riders with the incorrect number board colours ,numbers or flat boards displayed will be asked to start at the back of the starting groups.


White Background
Black Text
250 B
Blue Background
White Text
250 A
Red Background
White Text
Open Hybrid
Green Background
White Text


White Background
Black Text
4x4 over 800cc
Red Background
White Text
2 Man
Green Background
White Text
Over 40
Yellow Background
Black Text
White Background
Black Text
4x4 under 800cc
White Background
Black Text
Blue Background
White Text
Red Background
White Text

6. Officials and Flags.

Union Jack: start
Chequered: finish
Yellow: slow down, caution required
Black: rider to pull into pits immediately
Red: event to be stopped. Return to start at walking pace.

7. Scrutineering

All competition machinery must be presented for a technical inspection prior to a race.
All riders must wear lanyard and helmets to scrutineering.
Once your machine has passed scrutineering it must remain untouched.
Exhaust system must not exceed the maximum noise level of 94 decibels static test. If the noise level is exceeded expect not to ride. Random noise tests at track-side will be carried out, you will be permitted 98.1 dba at 7.5 metres whilst your machine is under full load. If over 98.1 you will be black flagged, stopped and required to sort it out. If after 2 black flags the machine is still too loud you will take no further part in the event.

8. Riding In The Pits

Riding in the pits should be limited to the absolute necessary and be strictly at walking pace with helmet and lanyard worn.

9. Parking and Camping Area

Machines are only allowed to ridden on the actual race day and then only whlst going to or from scrutineering or the race. When machines are parked a suitable parking device must be used, i.e. chocks, parking brake. All areas off the track have a speed restriction to walking pace (1st gear only) and riders must wear helmets and lanyards, Please respect the safety of others in these areas at all times.
Please do not enter prohibited areas - Signs are displayed for your safety.

10. Course Cutting

Course cutting will not be tolerated. Offenders may be penalized by 1 lap deduction to disqualification this will be at the discretion of the committee or the Clarke of the course. In the event of a hold up, wait until the track is cleared, unless there is a route available that stays within the boundaries of the flags/posts/tape marking the course, whilst by-passing the obstruction.
Do not reroute yourself off the marked track unless instructed to by a marshal.
Riders must follow the original marked track and not take advantage should flags/posts/tape be destroyed during the course of the race.

11. Refuelling and Repairs

Machines must be refuelled with DEAD ENGINE in the refuelling pits only.
No refuelling between the sighting lap and the race start
Minimum age for refuelling is 16 years.
Children are not allowed in the refuelling area.
Children under the age of 16 are NOT allowed in the pit area during the race unless they are competing.
Track-side refuelling or refuelling with the engine running will result in a DSQ.
Adult riders may repair their machine at track side only if they carry a repair kit on their person or machine. If official outside assistance is required then the rider and machine will be towed directly back to the pits not through the lap scoring. Riders must go through the lap scoring under their own power.


12. Fire Extinguishers

Each rider must bring a 2.5kg fire extinguisher (dry powder) to the event. This must be brought to scrutineering and then left in the pit area whilst the rider is competing in the race

13. Track Markings

All our tracks have visual tape and arrows and double arrowed for any unusual obstruction.Riders are required to stay within the markers .

14. Championship Points 2018

9 rounds of which 8 rounds to count - Youths
9 rounds of which 8 rounds to count - Adults

1st 50 points, 2nd 46 points then decrease by 2 points down to last place.
In the event of a draw in the final positions the last race positions will be the decider.
An additional 5 bonus points will be awarded to members for each round competed in. These points will apply to all competitors including dnf's.
Total bonus points available 45 for Youth. 40 for Adults
Championship points will only be awarded to fully paid 2018 season Gravity members. To qualify for championship trophies in a class, riders will need to have completed a minimum of 4 races in that class.
If you change class mid season you will forfeit any championship points earned.

DNF’s for Adult and 250 classes this season.

Riders must not leave the pits to re-join the race once the chequered flag is put out.

15. Transponder Hire

Conditions of hire or loan:
Lost transponders and any not returned or returned in an unusable/damaged state will be invoiced to you at a cost of £250. By entering this event and borrowing transponder you have agreed to the above conditions.
Any deposit paid will be returned when the transponder is returned on the day of the event.
Failure to return the transponder on the day of the event – the club will retain the deposit for administration.

16. Penalties

Aggressive and intimidating behaviour, which includes bad language, is not acceptable on, or off, the track and may be penalised by lap deduction – disqualification. At the discretion of the committee.

17. Spectators

All Spectators and family/friends of riders MUST NOT walk on the track during racing as this is for your safety as well as for the safety of the RIDERS.‘Walking on or within 3 meters of the track is prohibited’ Warning signs are around the track restricting access and warning of danger.

Gravity LC will not be except liability for any accidents past prohibited areas to Spectators , Family, Friends.

In the interest of safety and the smooth running of the club, officials’ instructions must be adhered to at all times. Officials reserve the right to have the final decision.
Any complaints to be made in writing enclosing £20. Administration fee to : The Secretary, Gravity L.C. Ltd.
If the complaint is upheld the £20 will be returned to the complainant.

18. Rubbish
Please take all your rubbish home. Check your areas before you leave the event.
Anyone leaving rubbish will receive a two race ban or DSQ. Repeat offenders will be excluded from Gravity events.

The Gravity LC Committee reserve the right to review/amend these rules at any time if necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to read and adhere to these rules which have been written with each riders safety in mind and also to help us run the club successfully.